We use points as commission for our members. Points can be exchanged for $ (with a ratio of 1:1) if it has reached 50 points.

1. PREMIUM Subscription Commission

On a PREMIUM subscription payment, a commission shared with the authors is 50% of the total monthly subscription price.  Payment per author is calculated by monthly subscription downloads of their items.
For example, $1,000 in monthly subscription payments from that $1,000, generates a 50% * $1,000 = $500 total commission pool for PREMIUM authors.
The commission to Omahedesign authors is calculated by their overall monthly subscription downloads divided by overall total Omahedesign Subscription downloads in the particular month. For example, an author with 1,000 downloads would get 2% of the total commission pool if there would be a total of 50,000 Omahedesign Subscription downloads in that particular month.

2. Royalty Free Commission

For this option,  author earn first commission right after approval of their item (depends on quality of their item). And author will earn commission after each download of their item (0.08 points/download).